15 steps to getting digital transformation done

Dietmar Schantin shared his first-hand experiences with assisting reader revenue transformations from news media companies throughout the world

Schantin, founder and CEO at Institute for Media Strategies, shared 15 practical and actionable steps to help news media companies ditch print-rooted culture and grow digital business.

He started with number one – Understand the customers really well 

Schantin used the demographic profiles of two English gentlemen with much in common:

Both born in England in 1948. Both divorced and with a new partner. Both have two adult children, impressive professional careers, are wealthy, enjoy holidays in the Alps, and are well known globally.

These two men are Prince Charles and Ozzy Osborn.

“Demographically, these are the same person,” he said to chuckling workshop attendees. “If we don’t consider parameters or characters beyond demographics, we would address these guys in exactly the same way.”

This resonated with me as for many years I’ve felt the demographic targeting for advertisers has been outdated, not least because there are so many platforms to consider now and many more communities of interest. Age does not define you, and it is more what interests you and your lifestyle that is the connector for those who wish to engage with you.

At a recent business networking event, the knowledgable speaker was wax lyrical on how we should approach digital marketing and talked at length about “millenials” and “snowflakes” and not in a positive way. I could feel the hackles going up on two “Millenials” on my table.

So, to go back to Schantin – understanding the customer is so important and really consider what interests them is key to engagement which is now a must for convincing them to buy your product or service ….. just remember Charles and Ozzy !!

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