Facebook Business Pages are so easy to create, yet it’s vital to get your setting right….

Big Plan Group highly rate this comprehensive Video Guide on How to set up your own Facebook Business Page and wish you all the best with creating your own!  Below are our Big Plan Group Top Tips on your settings and thought process while creating your business page.

We know only too well that creating content and engaging socially with old and new clients is so important. It’s about retention and engagement building your brand kudosand eventually sales (conversion).

Creating a Facebook Business Page should be an essential part of your Digital Strategy, you may be a company or brand wanting to raise profile locally or running an event and looking to gain ticket sales.

Healthy BusinessWhatever your purpose for your Facebook Business Page, always consider:

1) Who your target audience is
2) Who you want to invite to your page
3) What your aims and objectives are

Primarily get a decent picture that represents your industry, brand or product (at least 400 pixels wide). Click on Edit Settings so that it fully represents your selling points, think SEO – keywords and phrases the public would use when searching on the net; check your posting visibility, country restrictions etc.

As a business, why should you want to create a page? Most people who have a personal page then commence by creating a following via ‘Friends’, however, you can populate your page via Facebook advertising. Why would you want to do this? It’s simple, you can create a targeted advertising campaign right down to the Postcode, Gendre, Age and set the amount you wish to spend – Click on Promote my Page Select the Country you wish to target, select keywords, Age, and set your budget.

Managing your Insights
Click on See Insights our favourite way of monitoring is to click on Posts – here you can analyse the engagement your postings have created. Look at your Reach to see how many Likes, Comments and Shares each posting has received.

Social Scheduling tools
As we all know creating great and engaging content for your postings is very time consuming, plus we have multiple accounts like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google + and Myspace.  So, we advise you try out a few – HootsuiteTweetdeck and TweetReach to come to your own conclusions – Check out the Top 10 Social Media Review 2014.

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