Market Research and Strategic Planning

Market Research

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Moves

Market Research and Strategic Planning often come hand in hand.  As classic traditional marketers we always take a holistic view of your marketing approach, aligning your objectives to your business plan, always considering the customer journey experience and creating a strategic, tailored and practical Marketing Plan for your organisation.  Market research (qualitative or quantitative) often lays the foundation for your marketing approach, which could result in a re-brand, new advertising initiatives or change of social media tactics.

Big Plan Group aim to take a step back and look at your objectives for Strategic Planning:

  • Identifying core marketing aims and objectives
  • SWOT
  • Key target audiences
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Research, costing and identify key events
  • Identify key marketing materials and PR opportunities
  • Unify the brand so it is timely, smooth, complimentary and sophisticated

This is an exercise at the core of our belief, and can take time.  However, once established it’s possible to identify appropriate activities and create a tactical marketing plan i.e. plot activities vs Months vs costs.  This is a more strategic long term approach.

Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

Do you really know what your target audience think of your product or service? What is the customer journey?

Big Plan Group passionately feels market research will help you define your brand, product or service and should sit firmly within your marketing strategy and will inform your tactical planning.

Market research will:

  • Define your market placement and knowledge
  • Give you a clear understanding of who your target audience are
  • Inform you of customer habits and triggering events that mean they need you
  • Identify who their influencers are
  • Understand buying habits off and online and buying cycle

Perhaps you are re-launching a brand or need to freshen up your marketing campaign?  We can assist you by carrying out quantitative and qualitative research methods:

  • Primary research – Interviews, company surveys, focus groups, telephone research, face to face questionnaires, observations, field trials
  •  Secondary research – analyse existing data, twitter comments, online analysis data