Web Design and SEO

Web Design

Looking for a website design agency based in Kent?  Big Plan Group provides practical website designs so you can update and manage the site yourself; continually maximising SEO (search engine optimisation) on a regular basis by adding new content.

Website Copy

We can carry out online competitive reviews, create SEO listings which you can tap into for future use plus we write tailored creative website copy – once up and running our graphic design team have made it nice and easy for you to maintain.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of helping search engines better understand both the content and structure of a website and can generally be thought of as the two R’s: Relevance, and Reputation.

Relevance is defined by the content of a website and Reputation is defined by the quality of the sites linking into your Website.

Big Plan Group will help to align your content to the things people actually search for within your industry as well as optimising for different tenses and synonyms to pick up which are yours for the taking. We also create content that will naturally attract links to your Web site. We have proven, long term results for both local and national SEO campaigns.


We would also recommend using video to bring your brand and message to life and explain your unique offering.  Video increases your website SEO whilst giving your consumer a full brand or product experience.